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Elected Divan
Appointed Divan

Potentate’s Staff

A Team Director
Charles “Bunny” Adkins (Sharon)
Ad Director
John “Willie” Paholsky (Juanita)
Advisory Committee
Wayne Adkins P.P. (Joy)
Donald K. Hall P.P. (Chelma)
Jerry McConnell P.P. (Michelle)
Rodger Raybourn P.P. (Becky)
Kenny Armstrong P.P. (Ann)
Bingo Chairman
Woody Mitchell (Katrine) Aaron Withrow
Camel Talk Administrator
Jeff Combs (Beth)
T.J. Toler (Tina)
Director of Director’s Staff
Johnny Dixon (J.J.)
Donor Relations Chairman
Jim Morgan (Sherri)
Flood Control
Justin Parsley (Rachel)
Charles “Bunny” Adkins (Sharon) Bobby Jack Woods (Peggy)
Hospital Paper Drive
Eddie Hazelett (Heather) Tracy Scaff (Andi)
Hospitality Committee
Maria Jones Sherri Musgrave Carla Shope
Hotel Shuttle Driver
Earsel King (Debbie)
Housing Director
Patrick Leighty
Jewelry Sales
Jerome Hicks (Sheila)
Masonic Relations
Patton Hart P.P. P.G.M.
Master of Ceremonies
Donald K. Hall P.P. (Chelma)
Membership Director
Jerry Blevins (Shelli)
Membership Chairman
Eddie Hazelett (Heather)
Motor Equipment
Phil Thompson (Judi) Don Donta
Randy Bailey (Deena) Phil Pelphrey (Dorthy) Don Cox (Debbie)
100 Million Dollar Club
Luke Clary (Susan)
Parade Marshall
Steve “Chico” Vanover (Trena)
Patrick Leighty
Public Relations
Eddie Hazelett (Heather)
Ritual Director
Patrick Leighty
Patton Hart P.P. P.G.M
Temple Attorney
Tony Skeens (Mary)
Scottish Rite Relations
Jeffrey Bryant (Charla)
York Rite Relations
Fred “Mano” Runyon (Myrtle)
Website Administrator
Rob Channell (Teresa)
Temple Operations Administrative Assistant
J.J. Dixon
Building Supervisor
Jerome Hicks