Dear Nobles,

It is a great honor to serve as Potentate at EL Hasa
for the year 2020. I am truly blessed for the trust each
noble has bestowed upon me for the Highest office
at EL Hasa. I have planned a great year with a lot of
exciting events to bring back Fraternal fellowship and
grow our Philanthropy. Please come and join the fun
and fellowship that our basic fraternal brotherhood was
founded on. I look forward to serving the Nobility at EL
Hasa and I would like to personally Thank everyone
for their support. I would like everyone to remember
that it is up to us to ensure that EL Hasa and our
Philanthropy will continue on for another 100 years.
Please take time to visit your Blue Lodge and support
EL Hasa in 2020. If we all would pull together with the
(Just One Campaign) we can double our membership
at EL Hasa and ensure that our Kids will have the help
they need for years to come.

Fraternally Yours
James (OJ) Daniel
Potentate 2020