Welcome to EL HASA

El Hasa Shriners are a fraternity based on fun, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. There are approximately 375,000 members from 191 temples (chapters) in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Republic of Panama.

To the Nobility of EI Hasa Shriners,

Here we are at the crossing of 2023, and I am humbled at the honor, privilege, and great respon- sibility to be elected as your potentate at El Hasa.

I want each of you to know that it is my heart to take El Hasa into the future while still holding our heritage and traditions sacred. For me there is no greater satisfaction and honor than to donning my Fez, knowing what it stands for and all the hope it has brought to the many lives it’s helped trans- form over the 100 years of our Shriners Hospitals for children.

A Potentate cannot run the organization by him- self. It takes a strong divan, the nobility, the aides, every club and unit member, in addition to all of their ladies. Like the cars in a train, each of us must align for the road ahead. In 2023, we will work together as one, fully united and fighting for that one goal to deliver new beginnings to our Shriners Children. And while protocol is a founda- tion of our fraternity, it is also founded on fun and fellowship. I believe we as a Shrine family will ac- complish this as well.

The Lord and Savior has led Tina and I down many tracks through life, and sometimes we didn’t know or understand why. However, we have always ris- en to the call and tried to give our very best. This opportunity to serve you, and the fraternity as a whole, will be no different. We promise each of you to give it our all. And we humbly ask for your support, cooperation, and especially patience in return. Together, we can make 2023 the best ride ever. Full steam ahead!!

Fraternally Thine,

TJ Toler Potentate 2023

Upcoming Events 2023


Every Tuesday & Wednesday

Doors Open at 4:30PM

Bingo Starts at 6:30PM

$6 Packs-3-$1000 Games

No Smoking Room

Reserved Seating

Upon Request

Food Provided by E.H. Catering

License #0335

Following all KY Mandates For COVID-19

Uniform Units Restart Meeting – June 19, 2023

Monday, June 19, 2023

7:00pm El Hasa’s Unit Room

Needing at least one member

From each unit to attend

Refreshment will be served

More information:

Luke Clary

304-690-6388 cell

304-429-1385 office